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After we’ve completed your assessment and started the fundraising consulting process, your next step with Philanthropy212° is creating a fundraising strategy for your nonprofit. At this point, you will know where your success and opportunities are, and you’ll have me right by your side for this exciting next phase. Your fundraising strategy is what brings everything together into one concrete plan. You’ll finally feel confident and ready to begin your fundraising campaign — but don’t be surprised if there are a few butterflies in your stomach! There’s one more step after this, so keep reading to learn more.

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Why Do I Need A Fundraising Strategy?

  • It translates your big ideas into concrete, actionable steps
  • It encourages you to mentally map out your campaign from start to finish
  • It helps you identify roadblocks and potential pitfalls before they happen
  • It allows you to come up with alternative plans in case problems arise
  • It assists you in identifying your target audience for more effective communication
  • It encourages you to review existing policies and procedures to revise if needed
  • It streamlines your systems to ensure every donation is utilized and acknowledged


It’s Time To Refresh The Fundraising Strategy For Your Nonprofit

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Both types of fundraising plans are essential to the long-term success of your non-profit. Most of the time, these plans cannot be separated into simple and discrete boxes — only combining the two will ensure the ultimate success. As a leading fundraising consulting firm, Philanthropy212° can design programs from start to finish or help you refine existing programs by putting systems, procedures, and big ideas together to create the level of giving you deserve. We can also help you develop a robust planned gift program that funds your future, no matter the size of your staff or your level of expertise.


Philanthropy212° will help you create and implement programs to encourage and increase internal giving from your employees, leadership, and other members of the staff. Whoever your internal stakeholders are, we can teach you the approach and techniques required to make them some of your best donors.


Donors want to be inspired to give, which is why strong, donor-focused communications will take your messages beyond simply asking for contributions. Through our fundraising strategies for not-for-profit, we will inspire philanthropic investment in the ideas and values that drive your organization. Philanthropy212° can write donor communications that tell your story in a way that inspires donors to partner with you to help further your cause.


Policies and procedures are like doing the laundry — if you ignore it, the absence of clean clothes will eventually create a problem. Donors want to know that you know how to manage their philanthropic dollars. If you want to run a tight ship, policies and procedures must be in place for absolutely every part of the process — from investments to donor recognition. Philanthropy212° can provide you with customized policies and procedures that will make your life easier and increase donor confidence in your organization.


Gift acknowledgement, gift acceptance, and financial processes can be overwhelming, but having these systems in place will save you time and resources, and ensure that you are stewarding resources appropriately. Philanthropy212° is happy to review your systems and refine them or help you create a fundraising strategy for your nonprofit from scratch.

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“Penny Marries Years Of Experience In Not-For-Profit Leadership With A Rare Combination Of Humor, Forthrightness, And Creativity That Allows Her To Bring Out The Best In Boards And Teams. She Has A Way Of Taking High Level Strategy And Presenting It So That Progress Feels Measurable Instead Of Nebulous, And Easy Instead Of Emotionally Overwhelming. Her Super-Power Is Her Ability To Develop High Functioning Boards And Problem-Solve Roadblocks To Help Organizations Achieve The Results They Want.”

– DR. TRICIA GROFF (PHD) Executive Coach For High Achievers; Integrating Psychology And Business

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