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Five Steps To Fundraising Success

All of the donations and financial gifts you need to fuel your nonprofit’s mission are already right in front of you — you just need to tap into them! It isn’t enough for your organization to have a meaningful cause, but it’s certainly necessary. After you’ve solidified the passion and purpose behind your nonprofit, it’s time to dive into some serious strategy. Philanthropy212° provides a structured pathway to help your organization empower volunteers, plan and implement strategies, and secure the funding you need to complete life-changing work.

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Philanthropy212° Helps Nonprofits Revitalize Their Funding Strategy Through:

  • Assessment - Full evaluation of your organization’s status
  • Fundraising Consulting - Collaboration phase to discern fundraising opportunities
  • Fundraising Strategy - Comprehensive fundraising plan design
  • Campaign Implementation - Press play on your event or project
  • Ongoing Coaching - Expert guidance from start to finish


We Provide The Extra Degree Of Effort You Deserve

Comprehensive, Flexible Solutions For Nonprofit Fundraising

It’s tough for me to give you a simple bulleted list of services we provide. It’s difficult because, as a long-time development professional, I know our work has a domino effect on other initiatives you need. For example, a lot goes into putting together a campaign or figuring out how to establish a planned gift program — two pieces of the puzzle that have a large effect on one another. It’s difficult for me to separate the things we do into an a la carte menu of services, because it implies that you can simply pick one or two parts of the fundraising consulting process without regard to the very real effects other components have on what you need.

Take a look at the menu above and click on any service to better understand what I can do for you. But before you pick a service or two you’d like me to assist you with, let’s have a candid conversation about what it’s going to take to achieve results beyond your expectations. What’s your vision? What’s your ultimate objective? I’m happy to chat with you and offer my advice — whether or not you decide to partner with me.

Learn, Launch, And Lead With Philanthropy212°

When it’s time to build or refresh your nonprofit’s fundraising techniques and strategies, expert consulting can mean the difference between acting on your plan and resigning it to the coulda-woulda-shoulda binder. When you work with Philanthropy212°, you’ll benefit from more than just a brainstorming session and temporary burst of motivation. We provide in-depth evaluations and actionable plans that help you identify and lock onto fundraising opportunities, engage your board members and and volunteers, and build a loyal and lasting community of donors and supporters. Our services can take you through every step, or start with the areas you want to prioritize.


An assessment of your nonprofit is a crucial step, especially if you are a new organization or have not revisited your “big-picture” after structural changes, growth, or other major transitions. It may be time for an assessment of your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy if you’re feeling overwhelmed, directionless, bored, disappointed, or frustrated with your organization’s general tasks or larger projects. Philanthropy212° can provide the fresh, unbiased perspective you need to identify challenges, craft solutions, and take advantage of opportunities to rally your team, increase donor engagement, and secure funding.

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Fundraising Consulting

For nonprofits, fundraising consulting may feel like an unnecessary step. In reality, you can’t afford to proceed without it! The “special sauce” of fundraising consulting is that the information you receive isn’t copied from the internet, a book, or presentation — it’s unique, personalized guidance for your nonprofit and yours alone. This is your opportunity to bring all of your questions, concerns, ideas, and goals to the table. We’ll address each one, helping you feel grounded and confident for the next steps.

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Fundraising Strategy

Strategy is often confused with planning, but the two are not the same. While a plan can exist without ever being used, a strategy implies action — it is the art of planning and execution. Philanthropy212° will help you create a fundraising plan, but we won’t stop there. We will give you the tools and resources you need to put your new plan to work for your nonprofit.

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Campaign Implementation

When every piece is in place, it’s time for the most exciting phase — campaign implementation! This is when your fundraising techniques and strategies will really pay off. What makes Philanthropy212° stand out among other fundraising consulting services is that we don’t leave you after launch. We will stand beside you for the entire campaign, through the highs and the lows.

Some campaigns begin and conclude without a hitch, but others encounter a few bumps along the way. Instead of feeling lost, alone, and let down if something doesn’t go right, you can feel secure knowing that we will be right there to help. When it’s time to celebrate a successful campaign, we hope you’ll invite us to the party!

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Ongoing Coaching

Philanthropy212° is excited to partner with you throughout every step of your nonprofit fundraising journey. Our dedication to you extends beyond a few meetings. Even when we’re not in the same room, you can trust that we’re only a phone call away. Our coaching is woven into every phase to encourage, support, and motivate you to stay positive and finish strong.

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