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It Takes Only One-Degree To Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level.

Say you’re reading some philanthropy news and see that a donor gave a whopping seven-figure gift to an organization just like yours. And just for a minute, you feel a little jealous. After all, why couldn’t it have been your organization that received such an amazing gift? Your mission is just as important as theirs. You do life-changing work. A gift like that would make such a difference — to those who depend on you and the community you serve.

But You’re Busy.

So you move on to the tasks at hand. You have thank-you notes to write, phone calls to make, meetings to attend, and you need to touch base with that board member who can really open up a few doors. Later, you’ll be looking at invitation mock-ups for the big fundraising event.


The organization receiving that gift earned it through a lot of careful planning and hard work by staff and volunteers. They weren’t satisfied until they achieved that extra degree of excellence that made the difference. Their dedication inspired a donor to fund their mission with an unprecedented gift. It isn’t impossible — I can show you how to move from hot to boiling.

Find Out How Philanthropy 212° Can Provide That Extra Degree Of Excellence You Need To Attract The Gifts You Deserve:

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Have No Illusions About The Power Of Money…It Represents Dormitories, Classrooms, Hospitals. It Represents Research Facilities And The Priceless Efforts Of Men And Women Of Creative Skill And Genius.

— Howard C. Baldwin