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Does Your Not-For-Profit Need A Check-Up?

If your not-for-profit is struggling to make progress, gain funding, or align with your original mission, it’s time for a check-up! Just as we see a doctor to find the reasons behind why we are not feeling well, we should follow the same process when it comes to not-for-profit and charities. Philanthropy212° was created to provide support and guidance for nonprofits, a crucial yet often overlooked pillar of our society. Set your not-for-profit up for success by booking an assessment with a fundraising consultant today.

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Benefits Of Meeting With A Fundraising Consultant:

  • Perform a pulse check on your nonprofit organization
  • Understand the unique needs of your niche
  • Discover areas of opportunity
  • Get answers from an expert
  • Position your nonprofit organization for growth
  • Learn about common nonprofit pitfalls
  • Get a bird's eye view of your campaigns and donor base


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Should You Meet With A Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant?

Managing a nonprofit is a full-time job and more. Do you really have time to add another meeting to your schedule? If you knew that this one meeting could be the difference between success and struggle for your organization and the cause it supports, we’re certain you’d give it a shot.

When you meet with a fundraising consultant, you gain instant access to experience that may have taken years of trial and error to gain on your own. This experience is crucial to identifying all of the moving parts related to your nonprofit fundraising endeavors. From past, current, and planned campaigns to donor and volunteer engagement, a fundraising consultant can dive deep into each area to see what is working and where there is opportunity for growth.

Discover Opportunities With A Fundraising Consultant

Philanthropy212° offers partnerships that provide insight into the health and effectiveness of your current not-for-profit marketing and charity fundraising strategies. Our fundraising consulting company will engage with board and volunteer leadership to facilitate an open door for the exchange of data and information while assessing the vitality of your active campaigns.

A fundraising consultant can be an invaluable asset for your nonprofit. We will determine your level of donor engagement to discover if there are potential funds being left on the table. We can then help you turn those dollars into positive change that will further philanthropic endeavors.

Comprehensive Program Review

Looking at every piece of the puzzle is one of the most important exercises an organization can undertake to position itself to attract transformative giving (the other is strategic planning). A fundraising consultant can not only see all the pieces — they can help you organize and assemble them to form the big picture for your nonprofit fundraising strategy.

Philanthropy212 can review all your programs, processes, systems, and procedures in order to give you the guidance, information, and tools you need to take your programs to the next level. Ready to see your big picture? Book an assessment with a nonprofit fundraising consultant today!

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“…[She] Pioneered An Entirely New Approach. Without Penny’s Skills, Passion And Commitment, We Would Not Have Been Successful In Our Endeavor…”

– Mark McGourty – Managing Partner Avicenna Partners

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