Deniz Tasdemiroglu Conger

Building A Culture Of Equity With Deniz Tasdemiroglu Conger

Deniz Tasdemiroglu Conger is a Certified Fundraising Executive and the Chief Development Officer for the organization, Alliance for a Healthier Generation. As a Certified Fundraising Executive, Deniz has raised more than $150 million leading capital and comprehensive campaigns for nonprofit organizations in Michigan, Oregon, and national organizations.

Deniz has a 22-year track record of success in the arts and culture, healthcare, human services, and higher education not-for-profit spaces. Her two most recent campaigns have been honored for being innovative game-changing projects and she’s recognized as a leading force among her peers.

She serves on the local and regional board of not-for-profits and volunteers with youth education, schools, and art organizations in her community. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, public policy, and not-for-profit administration.

Here’s A Glimpse Of What You’ll Learn:

  • How to start building a culture of equity in philanthropy
  • Deniz’s approach to equity building from the community level
  • How to balance organizational plans with community needs
  • Deniz talks about how nonprofit organizations are poised to create an inclusive culture
  • How equity-building strategies help the health and resilience of a community
  • Steps to take towards inclusive fundraising and philanthropy
  • Pitfalls to look out for when building a culture of equity in philanthropy

In this episode…

There’s no endpoint in building a culture of equity in philanthropy. Instead, it’s a continuous process that involves engaging and building partnerships with donors, community members, and funders. It’s important to ensure that everyone (yes, everyone) is aligned.

But, there are different layers when it comes to building these partnerships and balancing your organization’s needs with those of the community they serve.

Deniz Tasdemiroglu Conger, Certified Fundraising Executive and the Chief Development Officer for Alliance for a Healthier Generation, is on this episode of the Philanthropy212 podcast with host Penny Cowden. They talk about building equity by prioritizing and collaborating with the community on the best way to address their needs. They also discuss how to balance the organization and the community as well as what pitfalls to look out for when building a culture of equity in philanthropy.

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